Fall 2016 Events

Aug. 17
New Student Orientation
3-4 p.m., Harshbarger 118B

Aug. 22
Group Activity for Graduate Students
3-4 p.m., Harshbarger 206
Jim Farrell, Armin Sorooshian and Michelle Wik

Graduate Student Get-Together
4 p.m., Harshbarger 2016

Aug. 23
Undergraduate Social and Treasure Hunt
3-6 p.m., Engineering Building Courtyard

Aug. 26
Transfer Student and Change of Major Student Social
3-4:30 p.m., Engineering Building Courtyard

Nov. 21
CHEE Thanksgiving Celebration for Graduate Students, Faculty and Staff
"Snacks from Around the World"
4 p.m., Harshbarger 118B

Dec. 15
College of Engineering Convocation
7 p.m., Centennial Hall


CHEE Seminars

All seminars took place in Harshbarger 206.

Aug. 29
"Laboratory Safety Fundamentals in CHEE Graduate Research" (PDF)
Armando Durazo

Sept. 1
"The Water-Energy Nexus and Its Extension into Other Critical Resources"
Gary Amy

Sept. 12
"Barnyard Dust Composition and Implications for Asthma in Children"
Mauricius Marques dos Santos

Sept. 19
"Water and Sustainability in the Public, Private and Nonprofit Sectors"
Bob Stea

Oct. 3
"Ceramics Are the Material of the Future"
Daniel L. Barth

Oct. 17
"Silicon Germanium"
Lauren Peckler

Oct. 31
"Best Safety Practices and What to Do in an Active Shooter Situation"
Officer Rene Hernandez

Nov. 7
"Atmospheric Transport of Metal and Metalloid Contaminants from Mining Sites by Dust and Aerosol"
Eduardo Saez

Nov. 14
"Growth Kinetic Models of Ethanol Production in Bioreactors"
Elham Ebrahimiaqda

Nov. 21
"Toward a Deeper Understanding of Diversity and Inclusiveness"
Jesús Treviño

Nov. 28
"Paving Your Arteries with Plastic – It is Here! – Polymers, Electronics and Flow: Innovation Across Disciplines for Novel Diagnostics and Therapeutic Development"
Marvin J. Slepian

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