Fall 2017 Class Notes

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Larry Hjalmarson
Class of 1977
BS in Chemical Engineering


I’ve been at home in Gallup, New Mexico, for most of the summer, which has been a great experience. I’ve also been working at the Tesoro refinery in Gallup.

I worked for 35 years in the natural gas industry in gathering, processing and transmission. Most of that was in operations, with some engineering assignments mixed in, and mostly with Williams. The most interesting period was five years in Venezuela building and operating a large gas reinjection facility for tertiary oil recovery.

My last two assignments with Williams were as vice president of operations for gas transmission, and vice president of safety, environmental and pipeline Integrity. I retired in 2013, but I still do some consulting, most recently with Pemex in Mexico City.

I occasionally lecture on the natural gas industry to the chemical engineering students at the University of Utah, which is walking distance from my home in Salt Lake City. My wife, Ginny, and I have been married for 40 years and we have two daughters.

Bear Down!


Ryan Kanto
Class of 2007
BS in Chemical Engineering

I have been up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, since 2011 working for a firm in the natural gas industry.

My wonderful wife, Sarah, and I have been married since just before we moved up here from Dallas, Texas.

It was a fantastic experience growing the company from being employee No. 13 to a company of over 500 employees, and going through two IPOs.

After a decade in the energy industry, I decided to take a left turn and co-found a distillery with Sarah. Quantum Spirits is currently under construction and should be making hooch by the end of the year.

It has been a welcome change to get back to my process engineering roots. Thankfully, I still remembered what a steam trap was.


Kaitlyn Mensing
Class of 2015
BS in Chemical Engineering

After two years working at W.L. Gore & Associates in Phoenix, I am now in my first year at Duke Law School and loving it.

I plan on going into patent law or another science- or technology-related field of law. And I'm happy to say that my time in the UofA CHEE program and the work experience I have gave me a significant advantage during the application process as I study the law, and even preparing for finding a position as a summer associate.

University of Arizona College of Engineering